Community Involvement Legacy Homes will provide, maintain and secure housing in the neighbourhoods and communities of Leeds and Grenville so the people with intellectual disabilities can live as valued citizens, in inclusive housing, that neither congregates nor segregates them.

Legacy Homes will own the house. The person, who requires support, with their family and support network will make it a home because Legacy Homes cannot create 'home'- a home is a unique creation for each individual. Legacy Homes will ensure security of tenure through a lease agreement. There will be a commitment made to recognize the reality that people must have the right to change their housing arrangements as their needs and desires change.


Legacy Homes Will:

  • Develop and acquire housing for use by people with intellectual disabilities in Leeds and Grenville
  • Maintain and upkeep properties
  • Advise families/people with disabilities about their housing options and help them develop a plan that meets their needs.
  • Explore and facilitate partnership opportunities within Leeds and Grenville for the development of affordable housing and other related housing services.
  • Will foster, expect and enable involvement of families/support networks in the creation and development of housing and home.

Legacy Homes Will Not:

  • Organize, deliver or finance supports for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Group people or decide who a person lives with. Individuals choose the people with whom they live.
  • Congregate people with disabilities. 

Curious to know if Community Involvement Legacy Homes can Help you?

  • Are you grappling with the complexities of home ownership for your son or daughter with intellectual disabilities?
  • Are you concerned about the future of someone with an intellectual disability?
  • Are you worried about where that person will live?

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