Nancy McNamara, President

When Nancy graduated with an Honours Degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph in 1979, she never could have envisioned that 6 years later, with the birth of her first child, Ryan, how dramatically the course of her life would change. Her son had cerebral palsy, involving both significant intellectual and physical disabilities. Nancy quickly became involved as a volunteer on the Board of Directors and with Committees of BDACI, the organization that provided support for Ryan and her family. Her association with CILH began long before the birth of the actual corporation. She was a part of a group of aging BDACI parents who were asking the BIG question: “What will happen to my son or daughter when I am gone or not in a position to continue to provide support?” Together, they formed the Legacy Task Force to begin to answer this with respect to housing. A few years after that, in 2006, CILH was born. Nancy continued her involvement on the boards of both organizations and since February 2020, has served as the President of CILH, even though Ryan passed away in the summer of 2017. She considers CILH to be part of her son’s legacy as he would be in one of its homes today.