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About Us

Community Involvement Legacy Homes (CILH) was created in 2005 by Brockville & District Association for Community Involvement. A grassroots movement of parents were influential in its development and continue to have a positive impact on the direction of the organization, as they advocate for the inclusion of their family members with intellectual disabilities in all aspects of life. Those parents were and continue to be clear about what they don't want.


CILH does not believe in segregated and congregated living arrangements for vulnerable populations. Its very creation was shaped by a shared obligation to get away from historical, institutional models of serving people and the detrimental impacts of these settings. We also believe that housing should not be provided and organized by the same organization that provides personal support arrangements. These founding principles resulted in the development of an alternative to traditional residential services and will serve as a guiding light as Community Involvement Legacy Homes evolves into the future.

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Community Involvement Legacy Homes is a non-profit, charitable organization that facilitates affordable and accessible housing for people with intellectual disabilities in the Leeds and Grenville area.


We envision a future where all people have access to a safe and affordable home in their own community.

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Community Involvement Legacy Homes works in collaboration with people with intellectual disabilities and their networks to develop creative solutions to issues of unaffordable and inaccessible housing. The organization has invested in affordable properties within Leeds and Grenville with an aim of facilitating long-term tenancy, while remaining flexible to meet tenant needs. CILH has acquired properties, so that people with disabilities can have a space to make a home, without having to navigate the complexities of ownership directly. Community Involvement Legacy Homes is continuing to grow and is looking to find unique ways to be a housing resource to people and their networks. If you are interested in learning more about Community Involvement Legacy Homes, please reach out to

Community Involvement Legacy Homes believes:

That all people should have a say in where and with whom they live.

That home is a bridge to community and to connection with one another.

That strong communities are built from the ground up, as neighbours join forces.

That together, we can address the lack of affordable housing in the area.

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