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Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, a board of directors governs the operations of Community Involvement Legacy Homes. The board of CILH is made up of people that come from various backgrounds and experiences, but share a common vision. Many of us live or have lived in the Leeds and Grenville area and have strong relationships with people with intellectual disabilities. We recognize their abilities, as well as their vulnerabilities, and know the impact a stable home can play in providing an opportunity for people to contribute to their communities. These personal connections and shared values result in a group that is very passionate about supporting vulnerable populations to access affordable housing.

Community Involvement Legacy Homes is always looking to collaborate with people that share the vision of the organization. Whether it be interested board members, volunteers, community partners, professionals, local governments, or donors, CILH recognizes the benefits and importance of collective efforts. The organization is specifically looking to engage with people or entities that have expertise in the areas of affordable housing, finance, real estate, fundraising or property management. To express your interest, please send an email to

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