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Joel and his family made the decision for Joel to move from his family owned home in the middle of Brockville to a small home in North Augusta in October 2013. This decision made sense for a few reasons. First and foremost, Joel had been raised with the belief that he should determine what his life would look like. He was always encouraged to express his wishes. Joel was listened to and an attempt was made to have his wishes respected. It is important that Joel is supported to make his own decisions including when and what to eat, when to go to bed, who supports him, who he lives with, and what happens in his home. That could never happen if he lived with other people.


Joel’s home is on a large rural lot which provides him the space to move freely and to do some of the activities that he enjoys like digging in his garden, while moving around the property freely and safely. When he was living in Brockville, his house was two stories with a very small backyard which really restricted his activity. Joel is happy with his home that makes possible activities that he can enjoy and at which he can be successful.


The move from a home owned by his parents to one owned by CILH also made sense financially. Joel’s income from ODSP didn’t cover the carrying costs of his home (mortgage, heat, hydro, taxes, insurance, etc.) and his family had to heavily subsidize him. When he moved into his new home, what he paid in rent was affordable because he was able to apply for a rent supplement through the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville.


Joel has lived in his home in North Augusta for almost eight years and has really grown, taking pride in his home. When he has guests, he takes them by the hand and invites them to sit and visit with him. He decides what happens in his home and when it happens. The people who support him follow his lead and they respect his decisions. He is in charge!

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